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happy birthday to me! i just got mail from live journal and i didn't know i would get it cause my SISTER didn't tell me they would do that. O.O well anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! t-hee
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happy birthday!
thank you
Crack is BAD, Julie m'dear. *nod* Happy birthday *throws a Totchi plushie at you* XD
yay!!!!! *tries to catch the plushie but i miss*
Happy Birthday dear ^^
Hope it's better than mine usually are >_>
Full of Cake XD

hahaha i'm getting a BIG cake *says more quietly* i hope
Mmmmmmmm. *_* Caaaaaaaake.
I love Ice Cream Cake.

It's the only way to go baybe XD
I want some now >_>
*hands you ice cream cake*
*eats away*

Santu XD
*looks at you strangly* you ate that fast.
would yu like another one?
*holds her head and howls*
O_O BrainFreeze
*passes out*

Nu thank yu....

~Seph ^_^;;;;~
X.x *calls an ambulance* ^-^;;;; i didn't do it!

*hides from Ambulance*
I dissappeared <_< I don't like ambulances -_-. I hear them all the time in Ottawa. So annoying. Speaking of Ottawa..... ~Melleh
eep! DON'T DISSAPPEAR! yea what about Ottawa?....
I wanna go see my daddy ;_;
He lives in Ottawa and I haven't seen him for almost a month *cries*




15 years ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *throws confetti up in the air* (Hah, now she can't hunt me down)
Happy B-DAY TOO YOU, Julie!!!
I hope you will have a lot of fun and a good cake!^_^
*Kiss and Hug Julie*
Wish ya well!^_____^
*hugs back*
Happy Birthday! I didn't know they did that on my b-day either. ^_^;;
hehehe O.O
I dunno you but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anways XD
you might know my sister, Jen
ooh *feels really bad for you that you know her*